Jan { Van Boghout }

“Wow, that’s fascinating…”

spaceship taking off over mountain peaks Hello internet traveller! I’m Jan (~yahwn, John, Jean, Juan), a Belgian with a love for elegance and heart in all things. Most of my work revolves around user experience design and software architecture, but I dabble in the analog world.


me You can find me in Amsterdam taking a pandemic break from the Framer office, swimming, reading, or having breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, drinks or dinner. I’m also on Twitter & Instagram and read electronic mail from strangers that may become the best of friends.

#nowplaying ♪ Song For Guy ♪ Elton John

Previously: MacRabbit

I grew MacRabbit from a high school hobby into an award-winning software company, shipping a number of popular Mac web development and design apps. A wonderful journey: Fifteen Crazy Years: A Toast to Life

PS: Should we ever meet, I will help you pronounce my full name.