Jan { Van Boghout }

“Wow, that’s fascinating…”

spaceship taking off over mountain peaks Hello interverse traveller! I’m Jan, a Belgian with a passion for building products. My work centers around software architecture and user experience, but I dabble in the analog world with the occasional painting or interior piece. I chase elegance and heart in all things design and engineering.

me You can find me in Paris working for the fruit company, seeing the sights or practicing my French — and likely having breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, drinks or dinner. Say hi over Twitter, Instagram or electronic mail.

#nowplaying ♪ People of the Pride ♪ Coldplay

Work: Apple , Framer , MacRabbit

Before joining Apple and Framer, I grew MacRabbit from a high school hobby into an award-winning software company. It was an amazing journey that, together with my computer science background, fundamentally shaped my approach to product, engineering and team building. We shipped a number of successful Mac web development and design apps.

A big part of my life, these got a personal farewell in Fifteen Crazy Years: A Toast to Life

PS: for English speakers, Jan is somewhere between yawn and yann.