Jan, Van Boghout

“Wow! Totally fantastic”. “An acquired taste”. #nowplaying

Hello traveller! Welcome to the personal homepage of this award-winning design-and-code unicorn (kinda, not really). I enjoy elegance in all things and love rainbows, but I’m just a Belgian with an eye for detail who likes solving problems. Concrete results tend to manifest in the realm of UI and software architecture, with rare ventures into painting, 3D printing and making moderately successful desserts.


Me You can find me in Amsterdam enjoying the brilliant Framer office, swimming, reading, or having breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, drinks or dinner. I’m also on Twitter, Instagram and accept electronic mail from strangers that may become the best of friends.

♪ Put On Your Sunday Clothes ♪
Michael Crawford, Barbra Streisand & Co

Possibly of interest

Previously — 2003 to 2018

As I grew up from kid to student to adult, MacRabbit grew with me and ended up making five (and shipping four) beloved Mac apps.

P.S.: Should we ever meet, I will help you pronounce my full name.